Shared Proxies

What is a Shared Proxy?

A shared proxy is shared by multiple users.
This means if you buy a shared proxy, it will be accessible to multiple people, not just you.

Why do I need a shared or private proxy?

When you go out surfing on the internet, your computer is picking up cookies at every site you visit. This means companies are tracking where you go, how long you’re there, and what you’re doing while there.

If you’re not using an anonymous proxy or one that consistently switches your IP, they can use this information to create a profile of your identity and log it under your IP address. Then, when you go out to surf again, they filter search results, site content and ads based on what they think you’ll be most likely to respond to.

If you want to see more of the web and all that it has to offer, you might want to consider buying a proxy to discourage internet companies from profiling, and therefore limiting, your internet experience.

What are the advantages of shared proxies?

Most shared proxies are cheaper, because you’re not only sharing the server, you’re sharing the cost of that server too. This is why most casual users buy shared proxies.

Why cheap shared proxies are… cheap?

Some proxy users think that shared proxies are cheap because they are setup on poor-performance servers. While this might be the case with other providers, it’s not ours. We at SSLPrivateProxy offer cheap shared proxies with the same setup and performance as regular dedicated proxies. The main difference is that for each shared proxy package IP we offer access to a maximum of 3 users.

Hence, both the costs and performance of a shared proxy gets shared between these 3 users. That’s why you can get cheap shared proxies at these incredibly low prices and at the same time get high-performance servers.

When to buy shared proxies for your project?

You should always look to buy shared proxy packages for your project unless you need to login accounts through an IP address for a particular web platform. In which case you should get private proxies.

For example, if you need proxies for Instagram automation, you should look into getting dedicated Instagram proxies. They are dedicated, meaning that you’re the sole user of these proxies. Hence, nobody else can ban or block these IPs and their records with a particular website.

This is why, you should use shared private proxies only when you don’t need to login an account to a platform. So, no account login required? Buy shared proxy IPs. They are cheaper. Moreover, SSLPrivateProxy offers a monthly IP randomization. So, every 30 days you can ask for an IP refresh and we will issue new IPs for your proxies. Enlarging the number of shared proxy IPs you actually use over a period of several months.

Deciding to buy a shared proxy

If you’re looking to buy a proxy, you should know that there is more than one type to choose from, and you’ll need to consider your budget and intended use before deciding between a shared or private proxy.

Because you get more IP address, a wider selection of geographic locations, and faster speeds, you pay more. If you plan to do a lot of work and need these features though, then the cost might be worth it. Just be sure to take your budget and intended use into consideration before you decide to buy a proxy.